Signs and Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms Of Mental Illness

Signs & Symptoms of Mental Illness

Signs & symptoms of mental illness can plague our minds and our bodies. From all different diagnoses to just symptomatic distinctions. Some of these symptoms range from physical to mental. Below we will discover some of the most important mental health signs and symptoms to look for.

Some Examples of Signs & Symptoms
of Mental Illness Include:

Feeling sad or down

Confused thinking and reduced ability to concentrate

Excessive fears or worries, or extreme feelings of guilt

Extreme mood changes of highs and lows

Withdrawal from friends and activities

Detachment from reality/delusional thinking, paranoia, or hallucinations

Inability to cope with daily problems or stress

Major changes in eating habits

Suicidal thinking

Drop-in functioning: An unusual drop in functioning, at school, work, or social activities, such as quitting sports, failing in school, or difficulty performing familiar tasks

Significant tiredness, low energy, or problems sleeping

Increased sensitivity: Heightened sensitivity to sights, sounds, smells or touch; avoidance of over-stimulating situations

Apathy: Loss of initiative or desire to participate in any activity

Nervousness: Fear or suspiciousness of others or a strong nervous feeling

Sex drive changes

Problems with alcohol or drug use

Excessive anger, hostility, or violence

Physical ailments without obvious causes (such as migraines, stomach aches/ulcers, vague and ongoing “aches and pains”, pins and needle sensations)

Muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech

Intense fear of weight gain or concern with appearance

Overeating, undereating & vomiting


Frequent nightmares

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Seasonal inhalant allergies

Now that you have an overview of what mental illness is, the different types of mental illness, and some of the signs and symptoms related to illness, you can further look into ways of treating these conditions.

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