Powerful Aromatherapy for Mental Health

Aromatherapy can be very beneficial when it comes to mental health. Many people suffering from mental illness are under extreme stress. It is a good thought to cleanse your inside and out to achieve optimal health.

I believe that what you put on your body is also important as to what you feed your body.

You choose your ingredients. Try to keep it basic and simple. Try soaps that are all-natural derived if you think that will help you. Know your body and keep it simple. If you simplify your lifestyle habits, you can be one step closer to simplify the clutter in your mind. Again, Try to aim for natural ingredients in your skincare products but most important something that can keep your skin moisturized that is not going to clog your pores, no matter what the ingredients.

Lavender oil is very calming to the mind, body, and spirit. Chamomile extract is another very calming one. Anxiety is one of the main mental health conditions and these oils can calm anxiety symptoms.

Aromatherapy is a coping strategy when you feel stress during the day or night. Stress can be limited with simple daily habits using aromatherapy. Your body will absorb these oils and the nutrients.

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Aromatherapy is even advised in psychiatric hospitals now. You may have a loved one who has stayed or visited a hospital. Most hospitals will have recreational groups to attend and some of these groups teach coping strategies. One of the coping strategies that are encouraged is aromatherapy. They may even hand out lotions to try during a group of relaxation and mindfulness.

Another aromatherapy approach would be to light incense. I personally like frankincense and myrrh during difficult times to cleanse my space. A go-to option for clearing negativity and cleansing your home is to smug sage incense. This can help to clear your space or old negative thoughts or feelings that may be lingering in your home.

If you do not like incense, again, try burning candles with essential oils. My go-to is peppermint oil right in the morning. It is invigorating and wakes the mind to be productive.

When Aromatherapy is NOT Helping

Aromatherapy seems like a go-to today with everyone moving toward all-natural and organic lifestyles. Well, it is definitely NOT for everyone. Let me explain. It could be for everyone, but there are exceptions to the aromatherapeutic rule.

Check your medication interactions to know if aromatherapy is for your mind. I say this wisely and advising all to know their medication interactions beyond what their doctor tells them. I don’t think there is a doctor out there that would say aromatherapy can have an interaction with medications, energy levels, and functionality but it can.

According to the Natural Medicines Database for medication interactions, I found many psychiatric and non-psychiatric medications to have aromatherapy listed as a top interaction. It has to do with photosynthesizing and with sedation when it comes to certain oils such as lavender oil. It can cause drowsiness and sedation when mixed with other medications. So beware when applying lotions with lavender or using essential oils for air purifying if you are on any medications. This can go for the normal functioning of a person without being on medications as well.

Also, synthetic body care isn’t bad or harmful. It is really what works for you and what helps you know what to eat, how to think and be healthy with the ones that love you.

Listen to your mind and body with what works for you. If you can tolerate chamomile extract, but can’t tolerate grapeseed oil, then do that. If you can’t tolerate any natural aromatherapy then stick to a basic soap from a brand you trust. After checking your interactions, you can be better informed on what works for you.