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Healing Crystals, Nutrition And Getting Out Of Illness

“Superstition Ain’t The Way”

-Stevie Wonder

Don’t look back unless you intend to go that way…

This post is about healing stones, food choices, and the root causes of illness. Many people believe in the power of healing through crystals such as amethysts and quartz crystals. These stones can do wonders for the spirit to relax and feel at peace. Deciding to go through the crystal healing route is possibly a sign that your mind is in a slippery slide downhill.

Healing crystals can help you feel better, calm, and to have a belief system in place.

When talking about mental illness and mental health, the second you start getting symptoms bad enough to need magic crystals to help you, you may be going in a downhill spiral into depression and psychosis instead of upwards and out of symptoms. Or perhaps those symptoms are your journey to your real true self. Maybe you need to be grounded and spiral downward to get to where you belong and escape your mental prison. For instance if you were daydreaming most of your life and need to get grounded, spiraling into a different direction may benefit you. Healing crystals could provide you with a personal security.

You want to get into a state of mind that is closer to heaven than hell for you. Crystals are from the earth so they can help to balance you out and prevent you from falling further downward or being pushed upward. But it’s noted that starting to read about crystals for help may not be a permanent fix to your mental health problem, but a safety net for the moment and a way to get your life back.

I utilize crystals myself and wear them on occasion. I find they help, but you really need to know what is bringing you down and fix the root causes of what’s going on – pulling you down, pushing you up, around, or keeping you in a sick cycle.

This can of course be started with eating a diet that is right for you. If you are eating foods that are incorrect for your bio-chemistry then you will feel depression symptoms and darkness come upon you. If you have been eating the same diet your whole life and always felt fine until recently, then maybe your diet is expiration dating. Just like an actual expiration date on foods we buy, your organism needs adaptation and change in order to grow spiritually, and function properly. It needs to throw out the toxic foods that have expired in time for your body and mind. This is evolution at work and you may need to know what organisms are going to thrive for you at this point in time. Adaptation in food choices is so important for human beings to be able to function and live happily, in peace, and thrive.

Now, back to the stones, they have healing powers to them by nature, but not every stone works for every body or for every point in time in history for that individual. If you start believing in magical attacks on you then you really can start to look at powerful healing crystals like obsidian stones to protect you and your home. But don’t rely on them for safety as your only source.

Your diet is first priority. This is why I encourage people to eat a diet for their biotype. This could include a little of everything, including lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. Make sure to cover all of your bases from every point in your individual history with what your body and mind need.

At different points in your individual history you have most likely gone through dietary changes, and customs, as well as poverties. You need to feed your body what it needed every time. So you can correct imbalances, diseases, and malnourishment from lifetimes ago and go back to where you belong in time.

Nutrition for Protection

Not every diet fits every person’s needs. People are among the highest of the animal food chain and many thrive on animal protein. Morals and ethics about not eating animal products because you don’t believe in harming animals are great, but may cause you to suffer mentally if it’s not right for your brain chemistry.

Balanced diets incorporating meats, grains, dairy, fruits, and vegetables (such as spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli) can keep you elevated while balanced. Meats such as chicken and beef help keep a person grounded, the same way crystal stones can help ground a body.

It is also important to note that animal protein is a more efficient source of energy and enzyme digestion than plant protein.

So fix your diet with what works for you, but you chose what you need and when. Variety is key. Eat different foods every day if staying balanced.

If you read my post on undermethylation then more animal protein is what you need along with plenty of calcium from cow’s milk or lactose-free milk. Dairy from cow’s milk really can be a powerhouse source of energy. Also, animal meat has anti-anxiety effects for this biotype.

Although, it’s worth noting that not everyone can tolerate dairy products due to sensitivities and allergies. In this case, try almond milk, coconut milk, or lactose-free milk.

If you buy healing stones to become more grounded because you find yourself daydreaming and not productive, then incorporate it with foods like animal meat and products. Find a supplement that compliments your dietary food choices, in this case, the supplement SAM-e may be a great addition.

Find what you are looking for out of life, find where you belong, what place and time in history you belong to, then eat right for your biochemistry to survive and thrive. When you find it isn’t working anymore, consult a nutritionist or practitioner for more help. Their could be interference keeping you away from being your true self and away from the ones you’re meant to be with.

If you find you are in a darker place that doesn’t allow you to utilize your resources, connect with animals or other people you know. Try your healing crystals in conjunction with stones meant to keep negative energy at bay, or protect from psychic attacks. Make sure your crystals, foods, supplements, and medicines all align together and do not have any interactions or conflicts.

If you are reading this post, you may be in need of real human interaction, care, and love. Try a nutritional therapist, spiritual advisor, counselor, family member, or pet such as a cat or dog.

Recollect a belief system and diet plan, and stick to it. Be consistent daily. Whether it’s a balanced diet and a little of everything a day. Do that every day. Stick to the diet for the long term and don’t get discouraged.

If you have extra weight to lose, being consistent with your diet is key. You will then be more able to reach your calling and your real life back.

Remember, mental illness is not forever. Mental illness is a mental trap you are in and can and will get out of.

Medications and supplements can help but they don’t need to be permanent. You will get out of this lie and trap.

You are not alone.

Life will get better for you and keep trying. Don’t give up on your life or your dreams. There is a purpose for you.