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Healing Crystals, Nutrition and Getting Out of Illness

“Superstition Ain’t The Way” -Stevie Wonder Don’t look back unless you intend to go that way… This post is about healing stones, food choices, and the root causes of illness. Many people believe in the power of healing through crystals such as amethysts and quartz crystals. These stones can do wonders for the spirit to […]

Undermethylation & The Best Treatments

Undermethylation Symptoms Undermethylation is a mental health condition. Mental health symptoms can arise from being undermethylated. Some of these symptoms for conditions such as depression and schizoaffective disorder (among others) include: DelusionsPerfectionismSeasonal AllergiesHigh accomplishmentSuicidalAddictionsPhobiasPeptic UlcersDenial of IllnessAttempt to hide the illnessObsessions & compulsionsAdverse reaction to Folic AcidLow pain toleranceStrong-willedSelf-motivatedCalm but inner tensionHeadachesPoor concentrationSocial IsolationRitualisticRuminations Undermethylated […]