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COMT for Optimizing Mental Health

The COMT gene polymorphism may be an issue for you or your loved one suffering from mental health issues. This is apparent to those who have tried the MTHFR approach and have gotten better than immediately worse on methyl folate supplementation. Many people who start methyl folate feel better at first and get relief, then […]

Healing Crystals, Nutrition and Getting Out of Illness

“Superstition Ain’t The Way” -Stevie Wonder Don’t look back unless you intend to go that way… This post is about healing stones, food choices, and the root causes of illness. Many people believe in the power of healing through crystals such as amethysts and quartz crystals. These stones can do wonders for the spirit to […]

Nutrients: Too Little or Too Much of a Good Thing?

Nutrients Nutrients play a major role in mental health. They are what synthesize and produce neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA are important in regulating one’s mood, anxiety levels, motivation, drive, sleep patterns, and more. It is known that nutrients are the primary raw materials for the synthesis of neurotransmitters. We all need […]

About Remedies for Mental Health

Remedies Mental health remedies are those that have had studies conducted on their efficiency for specific mental health conditions. They are applicable for overall mental health and specific conditions as well. Most of these remedies can be applied to anyone suffering from a mental health condition and can really help sufferers get back their healthy […]