Mental Prison Cell

How To Free Yourself From Your Cells

I’m writing this post about how to fix your DNA and free yourself from your traumas, corruptions and mental prison cells. Your DNA is what makes you as a person. It is passed down from generation to generation, mother to offspring. It is important to remember that your destiny can be reached and your DNA sequence resolved into a positive direction instead of history repeating itself in darkness and warfare.

Belief systems are very important for mental health. Establishing a sense of purpose and identity that you love and respect are ideal. To free yourself from your prison cell and break free from your brain cells and established DNA and circuitry, you must love yourself.

Acknowledge your faults and your thoughts then correct them.

Find Your Way To Be Your True Self

Knock down barriers and battle your conflicts and your worst enemies if you need to mentally and safely. Talk it out, yell about it, cry about it, create justice for your cells. You will realize all the hatred and pain inside was never meant for you. You will be able to break free from your boundaries and your walls of persecution. You will be able to breathe freely, create an optimal persona for yourself and create the world around you to be healthy. You will be able to free yourself from the ones competing, lying, cheating and ruining you.

This can be done through nutrition by knowing what your biochemistry needs for you to live your true life. This can be done through meditation, or religion. It can be done through talk therapy or just yell at the world outside you to go to hell if you need.

But remember, if you try to please everybody, you end up helping no one not even yourself. Your cells get depreciated in value. You become worthless to yourself and the world. In these moments you may need to recollect your self and your attributes.

Thinking positively is absolutely a great destination for the mind. But sometimes you need to work it out and detach your self and cells from the harm in your life.

You do not need to allow anyone’s opinions, diagnoses, or thoughts into your life if it is harming you from being your actual self. You are capable to reach to your truth and be where you belong.

Find what works for you and stay consistent. Try to be optimistic in times of despair and loss.

It’s important to know that you can correct your mind with or without medication. You decide what you believe in. Do not allow any practitioner to decide what you need if you don’t believe in it.

Stay true to your self and your cells will correct themselves.

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