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Welcome to The Mentalista – this is a mental health blog for sufferers, their loved ones, and anyone interested in reading about the inner workings of the mind. The Mentalista is an information site about diet plans for optimal mental health, vitamins, supplements, medications, herbs, blog posts, studies, resources, psychological matters & more.

You will find all the different remedies under my blog section as well as information and insights for an optimal mentality.

The Mentalista is a reliable choice for a cup of mental health healing.

flourished with personal blog postings for your viewing. As well as articles with lists of mental health conditions, treatments, and remedies.

Also, you will get a background in conventional and alternative mental health conditions along with psychological concepts. You can view clinical studies here to help with your own choice for healing.

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Olivia Malczewski

I am Olivia Malczewski – writer here at The Mentalista. I am a certified health and medical copywriter – focused on mental health writing. As a mental health writer, my writing brings you information and insights about the inner workings of the mind. Such information includes how to heal the root causes of mental illness. This information can be found in my mental health blogs.

I believe it is possible for you to find what works for you. There are many approaches on how to heal your mind. I can guide you through healing with my articles.

I am a passionate and compassionate writer on mental health topics. My mental health blog is here to educate you about mental health healing. I believe in finding your truth and your calling. My article posts can help to guide your way toward your own personal truth. To gain awareness, think from different perspectives, and ultimately heal your mind.